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Cali Flwr Farms

Valy Cali Farm


The Situation:

It wasn’t too long ago that cannabis was illegal and heavily looked down upon. Today, though recreational cannabis is legal in many states, a negative connotation from the past stains the current industry. Prior to legalization, neon colors, nauseating patterns and fonts, regurgitated Bob Marley visuals, and over-sexualized images of women dominated visual association with cannabis. Today, some of those same associations are creeping into this new wave of perfectly legal flower. From packaging, to brand identities, to instagram feeds—these tired visuals still linger. That’s not what cannabis is about.

The Solution:

The goal with Valy Cali Farm’s brand identity is to de-stigmatize a plant that has been in the dark far too long. After all, cannabis has been cultivated and prescribed for over 6,000 years in Chinese medicine and many other cultures. Today, we see the benefits of cannabis use as it aids patients with cancer, children suffering from seizures, and the growing population struggling with opioid addiction.

Valy Cali packaging allows the flower to shine true to what it is. It’s simple, refined, and natural—just like the product it holds. By using past slang that was once hushed at, whispered, or giggled at, the hope is to break down the stereotypes of cannabis and let people know that flower is power, and grass is class, and bud is your bud!

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