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Puff Puff NO Pass.

How many times were you not able to finish your joint? Or worse, you were passed a wet and slobbery joint by your best friend’s coworker and you still hit it because you didn’t want to be rude? Those days are over.

Our California pre-rolls are designed to be a one-and-done joint. Never again worry about stashing a half-finished roll or trying to reuse it later. We simplified smoking with 0.4 grams of high-quality cannabis in each roll.

We specialize in small batches that are lab-tested for harmful substances like impurities and carcinogens. Premium cannabis mini pre-rolls should do one thing and one thing only — get you the best high possible.

Say Hello to Weedsy!

Welcome to Weedsy, your go-to source for mini cannabis pre-rolls. We started Weedsy because we wanted to revolutionize the way you experience your joint.

Gone are the days of being unable to finish one, or worse, having to share. Gross. Everyone can keep their germs to themselves with our fresh, pre-rolled, bite-sized joints. (Though we don’t actually recommend biting them. It had to be said. There are weird people on the Internet, you know.)

Weedsy is an up-and-coming company, forged in the dumpster fire that was 2020, emerging unscathed and — dare we say it — thriving. Try one of our potent, flavorful strains and see for yourself. We’ll wait.

About Our Strains

Infused Flavors

Our infused flavors marry top-shelf, organic cannabis flower to premium THC distillate. This match made in heaven is then smothered with high-quality kief. With these mini pre-rolls, three is never a crowd.

Infused Strains

Our infused strains take some of the most popular strains of cannabis flower available and blend them with THC distillate and high-quality kief for that perfect punch of THC.

Teensy Weensy Weedsy

Weedsy was created to provide high-quality, small-batch cannabis in teensy portions for a weensy price. Our portable, convenient pre-rolls are waiting for you to find your favorite strain.

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